Besides counselling, I also offer mentoring and motivational  services.

For many years I had a successful career in Engineering within the procurement (Purchasing) field. Like many of us I didn’t get to a rather large salary and senior position from qualifications alone; in fact I had very few qualifications when I started.

I am where I am through working, sometimes smart but a lot of the time hard and learnt many tough lessons learnt on the way.

I worked in the UK and worldwide where I negotiated with some pretty important people and had to project manage many others.

What I am offering here is not a look at me, see what I have done but how can I help you to get to where you want to be sooner!

Some people want major changes in their lives  and others want very little which is fine; because it is about the individual and their needs as apposed to pushing someone somewhere they do not want to go. This is one of the main reasons I left Engineering and took a degree to become a counsellor in the first place, I learnt that you cannot force people  to become anything other than what they want.

So what I am offering here, using my counselling skills as the core is a mentoring/motivational work adapted to your wants and needs whatever they may be.

Just call me to discuss.