Person centred counselling was created by Carl Rogers in the 1920’s. His theory was that people have an inherent desire to grow to all they can be; he called this the actualising tendency.

However, as we know, things happen to us ‘our experiences’ that can stunt this growth. Therefore through research and development he created a method of counselling to release us and allow us to grow as we want to.

So how does it work?

From the research and development work done by Carl Rogers he created the right conditions for person centred counselling to be affective. There are six conditions in total but the main three are ‘Empathy’, ‘Unconditional positive regard’ and Congruence. In simple terms by showing a person that you are listening empathically; not judging them in any way and finally being totally honest, then change can happen.

From my own perspective, I believe in person centred as my core belief because within this method it is not about me being an expert and telling you what to do; but it is about offering you the right conditions so you can, through exploration, be the expert of yourself and grow your way.